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25 December 2019

“If ever I have to trust, now is the time”

Haven’t we all felt that at some stage in our lives?   Today is no joke, today I have to trust God even more than ever before.

I find myself, living in a house 1500 km away from everything and everyone I know.    Everything I am and worked for, for the last 43 years. How did I get here..?    Well that is simple, through God, and God alone.  

Before I made this move, I prayed, fasted and prayed some more, for something to stand in the way of me moving here.  Even thou living coastal was what I always wanted, I am not sure I wanted it now – this minute.  I was “pushed” into this now.   Today I know it was God’s hand that pushed me in this direction..  I still own a house 1500 km from where I am now, so it doesn’t make any sense.
The more I prayed for God to stop this move, the easier He made the move.   From finding the perfect house to the actual move – every step was child’s play.

If it was about me and not all about God, I would most definitely not be here.  If I could go home today, I would be there in a blink of an eye.    And I will tell you more about why I can not move back home now under My Own Life Category, today’s date. 

So now that I know God wants me here, I am patiently waiting on Him to use me where He needs me.  If there is one gift I have, it’s the gift of fully trusting in God.   Faith!

Let’s take this journey, holding tight onto God’s Hand.  

Psalm 37:5    “Commit they way unto the Lord, trust also in him, and He shall bring it to pass”

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