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MyOwnLife – 25 December 2019

Sunday morning, I was sad and wanted to go home so badly. I prayed and prayed. The first week after I moved in, I went through tremendous trauma – here all alone, and dealing with everything, as well as the move to a different state – was just getting me down. (its now 4 weeks since I moved here)

I got on my knees, and my words were crystal clear “…God, if You want me to stay here, please show it to me in Your Word. But please God, show me clearly either to stay in this city or go back to the jungle…” Still today I don’t know why I used those words, but I did. And after I prayed, I opened my bible on a random page and started reading.

Luke 24 : 48 & 49
“Your are witnesses of these things. Listen carefully: I am sending the Promise of My Father upon you: but you are to remain in the city until you are clothed with power from on high”

And I burst into tears; confused and in the same time amazed and touched and everything great. The exact words I asked for minutes before in prayer, God answered me.

God speaks to us the way that we understand. And I was open, I listened, and understood.

I am by nature focused, have direction, strong minded, strong willed, I don’t take the bull by the horns – I take the bull and the horns and I go. Not knowing what God has in store for me here and now, is not an easy thing for a personality like mine. But resting in His Hands and feeling my Faith grows by the second, is the most peaceful feeling I have ever had in 43 years. And through all the years He gave me all the right Gear.. and He wants me to share it with you.

Years ago God promised me in Phil 4:7 that He will give me peace that transcends all understanding, and He is keeping to His promise – as always ❤