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Embrace the cracks, they let the light in – 28.02.2020

How many times in life did people and situations cause cracks in your life?  Maybe you are in a situation now where you feel cracks are appearing every day, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.   Maybe it feels like there are so many cracks that you will never feel whole again.

Who do you turn to when your life starts to crack?  The cracks are not there to let your life slip through it.    God allows the cracks in your life, so that His light can shine through.  Our God is a jealous God and He is loves you and is not willing to share you with anything in this world.  He wants to show you and teach you that He is the only Living God that can make your life whole again. 

God allows the cracks so that you understand that only He can bring light and calmness in your life.   Don’t depend on people or things to fill those cracks.    It will only be short-lived.  God allows the cracks for you to understand what is in the dark places.

Job 12:22 “He uncovers mysteries (that are difficult to grasp and understand) out of the darkness.  And brings black gloom and the shadow of death into light”  AMP

God wants you to see what the dark world is hiding from you.   He will wreck your plans, before it wrecks you.

Allow the Light to come through your life’s cracks.   Turn to God to heal you and make you whole again.  Trust His timing.  Stay faithful.  Choose Him, only Him, always Him.

Hold onto His promise …    Job 11:17 “Your life will be good.  And you will be happy again.  All day, it will seem brighter than noon.  Even the dark night will seem like the morning” EASY ENG