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Know the difference – 13.04.2020

Yesterday I was on a video call with my son, who I love beyond words. He is not able to come home due to our world’s current situation.

While we were talking, I saw a vision of a huge game farm with all the people inside, hiding anxiously, from this virus, and death – and a large man standing out above everyone.

I saw the same picture that was in Noah’s time. When God told Noah to take his family, He was angry at the world. People turned away from Him then, and they turned away from Him now
Sexual sin with people as well as animals, serving gods other than Him, hatred, murder.. and the list goes on.

We have to stop blaming other countries for this and turn to ourselves…
God is angry, stay indoors, stay on your knees, repent and allow God to be angry. Understand why He is angry and repent. But also, be sure in yourself, that when this is over, dont go back to the old life.. God is not a toy either. Commit to God for the right reasons, cause He knows the difference.