About Me & Faith Gear

The meaning of “Gear”: equipment or apparatus that is used for a particular purpose

Most of have a dream of fixing the world and helping everyone in it.  Well I am no different.  All my life I knew I was here for something bigger than me.  

I knew somehow I had to fix the people that was put on my path.   And that, is how I learned and realized – there is something, someone much much much bigger than me – and I call him Dad.   God is One and the Only, and on my own I would never be able to even fix my neighbor, let alone the world.   By learning, loving, hurting, falling & laughing, I fully submitted myself to be used where He wants needs me to be.

And at that moment – December 2019, I knew – blogging will enable me to reach the world and spread His Word.

We all need gear for something.   Without landing gear, a pilot will never be able to get his passengers safe on the ground.   Without fishing gear, the fisherman will find it extremely difficult to catch even a cold, let alone a fish.   And without Faith Gear, how will we be able walk the path with our God Almighty…

I am here and walking in obedience, submitted and open to where God wants me to go to reach everyone.   I am His tool to spread the Word as and when He needs to touch your heart.   Be receptive and responsive to His Word today.

All the Glory to God!